3 Weird Hikes where Rocks are the Main Highlight


Rhino Rock

Rhino Rock is located on Hong Kong Island and is a hike that requires a bit of bushwhacking to reach. Its slightly secluded location near Stanley Fort means that only those who are true Hong Kong hiking completionists (or chasing that perfect Instagram shot) make the journey to Rhino Rock.

While the trail isn't long to reach this epic rock formation, it can be tricky to navigate. It's totally worth it, though, since Rhino Rock actually looks exactly like a rhino. The backdrop of Tai Tam Bay is also pretty spectacular...though Stanley Prison making up part of the backdrop is kind of depressing.

The hike is also next to a Chinese PLA base, so when I hiked there, I heard weird music and training drills from the base.

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How to Get to Rhino Rock

For comprehensive directions, a GPX file and more, check out the Rhino Rock guide below

Amah Rock

Amah Rock is pretty famous in Hong Kong because of the folk legend that surrounds it. It's said that the rock resembles a woman carrying a baby on her back. After the woman's husband went out to sea, she would come to the same point to wait for his return. Sadly, he never did come back (he died out at sea).

Inspired by her loyalty, Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, turned the woman into stone (and apparently her baby also) as a blessing. Sounds like a pretty bad deal, if you ask me.

Getting to Amah Rock is pretty easy if you hike from Tai Wai. There are even several buses that go straight to the start point of the hike.

While it is a pretty vertical climb, it's not long. You also get cool views of Shatin and Tai Wai from next to Amah Rock!

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How to Get to Amah Rock

For comprehensive directions, a GPX file and more, check out the Amah Rock guide below

Devil's Fist

I'll preface this section by saying you can take a boat directly to Devil's Fist. However, there's something poetic about hiking there because the journey is hellish. If you do the entire brutal route, it'll take you 11 hours. However, there are shorter routes to get there, though all routes require you to traverse loose, rocky terrain, thorny plants and lots of undulating hills.

Anyway, once you get there, the rock formation is about 1.5 meters high and is pretty cool looking. Near it, there's also another intriguing section of stone that looks like a chocolate waterfall. Or a slab of bacon.

Devil's Fist Photo Gallery

How to Hike to Devil's Fist

I've yet to write a comprehensive guide on hiking to Devil's Fist, but I'll leave a GPX file for any sadists who want to make the journey.

Devil's Fist GPX File