Rhino Rock: A Quick Hike to Hong Kong’s Only Resident Rhinoceros


Essential Rhino Rock Hike Details

  • District: Hong Kong Island
  • Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Distance: 1.5km
  • Highest Elevation: 177 meters
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Facilities: None. Stock up on water and use the toilet beforehand

Why Hike Rhino Rock?

The Rhino Rock ( 犀牛石) trail is perfect for hikers of all skill levels who want a quick little adventure with a one of a kind view.

Though it only takes 20-30 minutes to actually reach Rhino Rock, it's one of those sights that genuinely looks as good as it does in the pictures.

Located in Hong Kong's Stanley district, the hike takes you through overgrown bamboo forests, past large boulders and down steep slopes before rewarding you with stellar views of Rhino Rock.

It's an easy route in terms of time and effort required, but it's also very possible to get lost on the way since there are no official signs to guide you.

Not to worry, this guide will ensure you make it to Rhino Rock with as few unexpected detours as possible!

Google Route Map

Rhino Rock Hike GPX File

How to Get to the Rhino Rock Hike Start Point

You will have to take a bus or taxi to Stanley because there is no MTR line that services this part of Hong Kong.

By Bus

  • 14 This is the best and most reliable option.

Take the MTR to Sai Wan Ho Station. Get out at Exit A and get bus number 14 from literally right in front of the exit. It goes directly to Stanley Fort (last stop).

Other buses also go to Stanley, but don't stop at Stanley Fort, meaning you'll have to walk around 30 minutes to the start point.

These buses include:

Make sure to get off at the Stanley Market/Stanley Village Stop and begin walking from there (walking instructions below).

You can also flag down a taxi once you arrive at Stanley Market/Stanley Village.

By Taxi

You can show the following to the taxi driver and you will arrive right at the starting point of the hike: 赤柱炮台.

How to Walk to the Start Point from Stanley Market

If you're taking a bus that doesn't go directly to Stanley Fort, you can get off at Stanley Market/ Stanley Village bus stop (near Stanley Plaza) and walk to Stanley Fort (takes 30+ minutes).

Here are the quick instructions on how to do this:

  1. At Stanley Plaza turn right and follow Stanley Village Road for about 5-10 minutes
  2. At the fork (Stanley Post Office), go right and follow Wong Ma Kok Road
  3. Follow Wong Ma Kok Road for the next 25 minutes past the military cemetery, correctional institute and Regalia Bay
  4. When you arrive at the PLA Barracks gate, the stairs to the left is the start point

Quick Rhino Rock Hike Route Summary

  1. Follow the stairs and path up to the Che Pau Teng trigonometrical point
  2. Ignore the frayed rope trail heading down and take the green path instead
  3. A few seconds later, you'll see a sturdy rope attached to a tree. Take this path downward
  4. When you arrive at the rocks, take the ribbon-marked trail to your right
  5. Follow the trail for a few minutes to the next cluster of rocks
  6. At the next cluster of rocks, head downward on the trail right beside them
  7. After 5 minutes of descending, take the ribbon-marked trail to the right when you arrive at an open area with rocks and Stanley Prison views to your left
  8. Follow this trail (it's a bit overgrown in parts) until you reach another group of rocks
  9. Squeeze through the opening beside these rocks and keep descending
  10. Rhino rock appears to your left
  11. Take the same route back

The Only Steep Uphill Section

The initial climb upward is relatively steep, though it doesn't last for particularly long.

You'll start by ascending via wooden steps before they switch to a dirt path for the final push to the summit of Che Pau Teng.

Once you arrive at the summit of Che Pau Teng, you'll see a trigonometrical point (white and black pillar) and a radar station beside it.

On the opposite side of the radar station, you'll see a bunch of trees with ribbons tied to them. Many unofficial hiking trails in Hong Kong are marked with ribbons to let hikers know that they're going somewhere that's been explored before.

Head into the ribbon-marked trail.

After emerging from the trees, you'll see a frayed rope attached to a log. Do not take this path downward.

Take the overgrown path on the right before you see another sturdier rope attached to a tree. Use this rope to help you descend.

Your descent downward only lasts a couple of minutes, but you'll be glad the rope is there for support.

The ground is very slippery with little pebbles and loose rocks, so take your time and use the rope to help you stay balanced if needed.

After going past a pair of large rocks, you'll arrive at a flat, open section of ground. Don't miss the overgrown path to the right!

While it's possible to explore the rocks to your left, it can be dangerous, so be cautious.

Head to the Next Cluster of Rocks

Follow the trail and enjoy uninterrupted vistas across the ocean with Stanley Prison on the left.

Before long, you'll see a little cluster of rocks in front of you. That's the next place you've got to reach.

More Descending

Upon arriving at the cluster of rocks, you'll see a path to the left of them heading downward.

Follow that path downward for a while until you begin to see more rocks and another open area.

Though the rocks here look interesting, they're actually not where you need to go. Explore the rocks if you wish (be careful), but then make sure to take the path to the right with the ribbons tied to the foliage.

Overgrown Trail and More Rocks

This is probably the most overgrown section of the whole hike. The bushes are higher than head height and you'll likely have to crouch to get through.

Fortunately, it's not too long before you emerge from the trail and see a new collection of rocks in the distance.

At the fork, follow the right path that goes toward the rocks.

After arriving at the next outcropping of rocks, you'll see a path that skirts along the left edge of the rocks.

Squeeze through a narrow opening between a pair of large rocks and then follow the path lower down below the rocks.

Rhino Rock

A few minutes later, you'll see Rhino Rock poking out to your left.

Unlike a lot of other rocks in Hong Kong, this one genuinely looks like a Rhino - no squinting or imagination required!

If you have a clear day, you'll be treated to golden sands and azure waters below. It's definitely worth sitting beside the rhino and looking out looks out over its gorgeous dominion!

Getting Back

You'll have to retrace your steps right back to the PLA army barracks.

Once there, you can grab the number 14 bus and take it back to Stanley Village where you can connect to other buses, or take the number 14 bus all the way to Sai Wan Ho MTR station.