Three Underrated, Scenic Waterfront Walks in Hong Kong


Why You Might Want to Avoid Hong Kong's Most Popular Waterfronts

Hong Kong, being a city known for its stunning coastal scenery, has a plethora of waterfront areas that are great for a day out with the family.

However, many Hong Kongers and tourists tend to flock to the same waterfronts, making them overcrowded and difficult to navigate (I'm looking at you, Victoria Harbour).

While you should DEFINITELY visit Victoria Harbour at least once to get that iconic city view, what do you do when you're looking for something new?

Well, here's a selection of three unique waterfronts around Hong Kong that are perfect for a leisurely stroll while drinking in some brand-new scenery.

Starling Inlet

Starling Inlet is the most remote waterfront on this list as it's situated right on the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

The mountains and buildings you see from Starling Inlet may seem like just a stone's throw away, but they're all part of Shenzhen, making this one of the best places to get a close-up view of China.

Starling Inlet also has a collection of Hakka villages nearby, offering visitors the chance to explore green fields, admire traditional architecture and even get an authentic taste of Hakka culture.

Given its remote nature, this is a great adventure for casual explorers, families with slightly older children and those in search of hidden local culture.

How to Get to Starling Inlet

To get to Starling Inlet, take the MTR to Fanling Station and then get the 56k green minibus from just outside the station. Get off at the last stop, walk through Luk Keng Village and follow the coastal path to the waterfront.

Science Park Waterfront

The Science Park Waterfront (also known as Pak Shek Kok Promenade) is one of those hidden gems in Hong Kong that people have never heard of, but should absolutely check out.

Located beside - you guessed it - Science Park, this waterfront affords visitors primo views of the Three Fathoms Cove, framed by majestic mountains like Ma On Shan.

Science Park has plenty of amenities and outdoor restaurants, too, so families can enjoy an outdoor lunch in the sun while admiring the amazing view.

There's even a dedicated biking road that connects districts like Shatin to Science Park and the waterfront.

The Science Park Waterfront is perfect for families of all types, the casual adventurer and is totally stroller-friendly.

How to Get to Science Park Waterfront

To get to the Science Park Waterfront, take the MTR to Shatin Station and get the number 27 green minibus directly to Science Park. The minibus is located down a slope to the left of Exit B.

The 27a green minibus also goes past Science Park, but it's best to double-check with the driver. Just show them this: 科學園 to be certain they'll stop in Science Park.

Tseung Kwan O Waterfront

Tseung Kwan O Waterfront is probably the most well-known waterfront on this list, but I'm still surprised by how many people have never visited or don't know this space exists.

While Tseung Kwan O can get crowded on weekends due to its proximity to residential properties, this is a waterfront that is super long and stretches across multiple districts - for example, Lohas Park - so you should be able to avoid the crowd after a while.

The pedestrian-designated paths are wide and spacious, meaning that even if there is a crowd, you won't be jammed in quite as much.

Given how accessible this waterfront is to facilities and restaurants, it can be a great day out for families, even those with very young children who require strollers.

From personal experience, the sunset views from Tseung Kwan O Waterfront are truly epic!

How to Get to Tseung Kwan O Waterfront

Take the MTR to Tseung Kwan O Station. Leave through exit A2 and follow Po Yap Road until you arrive at the waterfront.

Enjoy Some Easy Outdoor Excursions in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, adventure comes in multiple forms and is accessible to anyone. If you're not feeling like scaling any monster mountains, you can still revel in gorgeous views and get in touch with your inner explorer by checking out any of these three waterfronts.

Best of all, if you have kids, gentle excursions like these can instil a love of the outdoors while also sparking the imagination!