Hong Kong's Most Scenic Gyms are Also Free to Use


Gyms In the City Are Too Damn Expensive!

Picture the scene. You've just entered what seems to be a small, friendly gym in Hong Kong. You're hoping to shed a few pounds and pivot towards living a generally healthier lifestyle. You're committed to your new fitness goals, you're juiced up with motivation, nothing can stop you fro...1,500 hkd a month?!?!?!

At those prices, the only thing getting a gym membership in the city will accomplish is leaving your wallet gasping for air and your bank account doing countless reps of financial crunches.

But fear not, fitness fiends, for there is an alternative. Look to the mountains to find salvation!

Where Are these Free Gyms?

I'm not joking when I say that there are free gyms available up in the mountains. How do you think those legendary old uncles in the white sleeveless vests stay so fit even in their old age?

All those kung fu movies where they show some chubby lout vanishing into the misty mountains only to return a few months later totally ripped are based on truth.

The thing is that on a bunch of hiking trails, people have set up areas where you can get in a really solid workout in the middle of your hike! You literally have to warm up by hiking to the gym before you do your actual workout and then hike back down.

Don't believe me? Check out the below secret free gyms in the mountains.

Free Mountain Gym 1: Lion Rock

Lion Rock is an iconic hike and also has a hidden gem of a gym on the way up. If you opt to hike to the summit from Tai Wai instead of the usual Wong Tai Sin route, you'll encounter a series of pull-up bars, parallel bars for dips and an open area for body weight calisthenics before you reach the top.

While the equipment here is rudimentary at best, it all works as intended. Hiking over 500 meters and adding in a few sets of pull-ups and dips is a surefire way to get in a fat-blasting workout.

After you're done, don't forget to enjoy the view!

Free Mountain Gym 2: Tsing Yi Nature Trails

If Lion Rock's mountain gym wasn't rich enough for your blood, then the setup at the Tsing Yi Nature Trails hike is sure to have you twirling your posh moustache in wonderment!

Though the Tsing Yi Nature Trails hike is considered easy, you can work up a serious sweat by using not one, but two free gyms on this trail!

While there is a workout area built with traditional bamboo for pull-ups and dips, there's also a separate section with more modern equipment. Here, you'll find metal bars for pull-ups and also an area where you can do leg raises to fit in a killer ab workout in the middle of your epic hike.

Free Mountain Gym 3: Castle Peak

Castle Peak is by far the steepest climb of all the mountains on this list and it has arguably the most diverse set of gym equipment!

While it covers the typical pull-up setup we've seen from all the other free gyms on this list, it also has a set of heavy weights to really round out your workout. Indulge in some weighted squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and whatever other weight lifting exercises your heart desires.

You'll have a sweet panoramic view behind you of what's known as Hong Kong's 'Grand Canyon' from about 580 meters above sea level.

So, if you're seeking those elevated gains, climb to new heights before taking on a workout challenge that'll have you feeling high on life!