Eagle's Nest Nature Trail: Wild Coffee Plants, Monkeys and Views!


Essential Eagle's Nest Nature Trail Hike Details

  • District: Kowloon
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • Distance: 4.5km
  • Highest Elevation: 270ish meters
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Facilities: Public Toilet at the start point

Why Hike Eagle's Nest Nature Trail?

When it comes to hikes that offer plenty of surprises, this short, shaded little gem is right up there! I felt like around every corner I was amazed by something new and wonderful. If you're hoping to get up close with some of Hong Kong's most unique flora and fauna in a natural setting, this might be one of the safest and least busy places to do so in Hong Kong.

Another benefit is that this hike is super easy to do, meaning it's ideal for beginners and even children! Most of the hike is shaded, flat and simple to navigate. There are no tricky or technical sections and the views out over Kowloon are genuinely stunning. This hike is also a loop, so you'll end up where you started and can take the same transport back home.

The best part for me was seeing a plethora of cool plants and animals and almost zero people along the way. From playful macaques to purple geckos and even native, wild coffee, you're almost guaranteed to see something memorable if you spend long enough in this magical spot!

Eagle's Nest is named after Black Kites (a native predatory bird) that use the mountain as a nesting site, so also keep an eye out for these majestic Hong Kong raptors soaring about!

Google Route Map

How to Get to Eagle's Nest Nature Trail Hike

There are 2 buses that go to the Eagle's Nest (尖山) Nature Trail start point. Grab either of them and get off at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir stop.

  • Bus 81: (From Jordan, West Kowloon, Yau Ma Tei, Mong Kok, Prince Edward, Sham Shui Po) or (Wo Che, Shatin, Tai Wai)
  • Bus 72: (From Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po) or (Tai Wo, Tai Po, Chinese University, Shatin)

Quick Eagle's Nest Nature Trail Hike Route Summary

  1. Follow the concrete road through the Lion Rock Country Park gate
  2. Begin your hike at the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail arch
  3. Take the left fork just after the arch
  4. Follow the 'Nature Trail' post up the stairs
  5. Keep following the 'Nature Trail' posts that pop up at regular intervals
  6. At the crossroads, Follow the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail path to the right
  7. Optional early escape points to So Uk along the way
  8. Follow the Kowloon Reservoir sign (great views of Kowloon right after)
  9. Take the stairs down
  10. End the loop right where you started

Mind the Monkeys at the Start Point

The start of this hike is in Kam Shan Country Park, which is known throughout Hong Kong as 'Monkey Hill'. This is one of the best places to pretty much guarantee a sighting of one of Hong Kong's over 2,000 macaques. The other known ranges that macaques inhabit in Hong Kong includes Lion Rock Country Park (Which much of this hike also passes through) and Shing Mun Country Park.

Avoid feeding the monkeys, be respectful and leave them be. It's also best not to eat in front of them and don't bring out plastic bags or wrappers. The monkeys associate them with food and might harass you or steal your items.

From the Bus Stop to the Start Point

From where the bus drops you off at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, look for the Lion Rock Country Park sign and look out for the monkeys!

Head into the gate just past the sign and stay on the concrete road as it slopes gently upward.

When you come across the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail arch. walk under it to enter the official trail. A minute in, you'll find a fork in the road. Take the left fork by following the sign with the picture of a hiker on it.

Kowloon Reservoir Views

Head up the stairs marked by the 'Nature Trail' posts and follow the path. There won't be any deviations, but you'll see more Nature Trail posts, so it's impossible to get lost.

Don't miss the glimpses you get of the Kowloon Reservoir along the way!

Wild, Native Coffee Plants

The Eagle's Nest Nature Trail is filled with little signs that give you useful information about the flora and fauna in the area. One such nugget of information I learned was that not only do coffee plants live endemically in Hong Kong, but they also flower all year round and you can find plenty on this trail!

Follow the Trail to the Crossroads and Turn Right

With almost no uphill sections, the hike is extremely gentle while enveloping you in dappled sunlight and much-needed shade on a hot day. Since this hike isn't particularly popular, you'll likely have nothing but the rustle of the leaves, the musical notes of the birds and the occasional buzzing insect to enhance the amazing silence.

Don't miss the sign that tells you about Hong Kong's amazing Black Kites and how they contributed to Eagle's Nest getting its name!

Stay on the trail until you reach the crossroads and then go right, following the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail sign.

If you wish to Hike to Beacon Hill instead, follow the 'MacLehose Trail Section 5' sign.

Follow the Kowloon Reservoir Sign (Optional Escape Point)

The return journey of the loop was my favorite part of the nature trail. I started seeing loads more wildlife and some hints of the amazing views that were yet to come!

There'll be an optional escape path that leads down to So Uk Estate if you don't want to end up back at the start point.

If you're determined to finish the loop, stay on the path and follow the Kowloon Reservoir sign

If you're the type of person that hunts for great views, this viewpoint doesn't disappoint. The trees give way to resplendent vistas across all of Kowloon and even out to Hong Kong Island.

It truly is amazing to think that all this organized chaos is just a stone's throw away from the wondrous, peaceful Eagle's Nest Nature Trail.

Complete the Loop: End Where You Started From

The trail will take you to a set of stairs that you can follow downward. Before long, you'll be right back to the start point. Take the concrete road back out past the Lion Rock Country Park sign to reach public transportation.

Getting Back

Take the same bus you took to get to the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail start point. Just be sure to take the bus from the opposite side of the road to where you alighted, or else you'll end up going in the wrong direction.