7 Hong Kong Road Signs that are Accidentally Hilarious


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Hong Kong is a rather serious city.

There’s always something that needs to be done, some place that you need to be or some person you need to meet. The pace of life here can be relentless and overwhelming at times.

So, it’s a welcome relief when seemingly unassuming objects - like street signs - can spark unexpected bursts of glee!

All across Hong Kong you can encounter road signs that accidentally bring out your inner child and force you to crack a smile on even the most stressful of days.

Here are some of my favorite examples of Hong Kong street signs with a case of bad road manners.

1. Hang On Street

Let’s start with a positive sign that actually offers stressed Hong Kongers a little bit of encouragement. No matter what you’re going through, it’s always good to remember to 'hang on' for a little longer until the good times roll through. I'll see myself out.

Should you need a little bit more encouragement in your life, you can visit this sign here in Ngau Tau Kok.

2. Rednaxela Terrace

This road sign is a literal a case of lost in translation. It’s believed that a Mr. Alexander owned the street at some point in time, and wished to have his name forever immortalized into the annals of Hong Kong history by naming his property after himself.

Unfortunately, since traditional Chinese text is written from right to left, his English name (Alexander) was spelled backwards (Rednaxela)!

If anything, this probably made Rednaxela Terrace even more famous!

To visit this meme for the ages, you can head here in the Mid Levels.

3. To Fuk Road

The road signs will now take a turn toward the vulgar side, which is arguably even more hilarious since most of these signs actually have beautiful meanings.

To Fuk road, for example, means lots of luck in Chinese. So, while some of us with childish senses of humor giggle maniacally, most locals won’t look twice at this street sign.

I also love that the yellow building near To Fuk Road has such a horrified look on its face!

You can visit To Fuk (or not To Fuk) road here in Kowloon Tong.

4. Man Fuk Road

What can I say? This is another childish street sign that’s worthy of a bout of immaturity and a good laugh. This sign name doesn’t have any particular meaning that I could ascertain.

You can find Man Fuk Road here in Ho Man Tin.

5. Fuk Man Road

Surprisingly, Fuk Man Road is not connected to Man Fuk Road in any way whatsoever. The two roads are actually in completely different districts.

The literal translation of Fuk Man is something along the lines of fortune for the people, which is a lot nicer than what it sounds like in English.

If you feel like finding this street sign for yourself, you can visit it here in Sai Kung.

6. Wan King Path

This is my all-time favorite immature street name in all of Hong Kong! How can anyone not be thoroughly entertained by good ol’ Wan King Path?

The street sign actually means 'bay view path' since it’s right by the waterfront in Sai Kung.

If you fancy a visit down Wan King Path for yourself, you can find it here in Sai Kung, very close to Fuk Man Road.

7. Fu Kin Street

Oh no, not another ridiculous Fu Kin street name!

This is a recent find in 2024 after a reader of the blog told me about it (thanks David McKirdy).

Fu Kin Street translates as rich and healthy street, which is genuinely positive. So, whether you're looking for a positive street name or one that's hilariously immature, head over to Fu Kin Street, which is located here in Tai Wai.